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These are a couple of teaser pages from the Boudoir Bombshells Comic I've been adapting from the series teleplays.

From my desk

When people say, “everyone has an idea,” what they really mean is, “everyone has an idea, but can you articulate it to 200 people so it can be produced and shown to an audience?” Writing scripts and creating pitch bibles to further explain my ideas has allowed me to say “yes!” to that question. With an interest in science fiction and fantasy for children and adults, I try to give a unique spin to the genres. My dream is to see these worlds I’ve created come to life as animated or live action series, features, or video game properties. If you’re looking for fresh, high-concept, and sometimes over-the-top sci-fi and fantasy stories, you’ve come to the right place.

Please review my art designs and property info pages. And if you are interested in learning more or producing any of my stories/characters for further development/media, please contact me for more information.

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Graphic Design Services

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Hello, my name is Shane Wheeler and welcome to my portfolio.